Monday, February 23, 2015

Photography Should Be Accessible To Everyone!

Projects seem slow going for me at the moment. Google Glass has been fairly unreceptive. Looking to new avenues for this project. Have found an interesting piece of software called VCamera. This app will create images based on voice commands:

How cool is that. It is not as expensive as the google glass nor as high tech, but I believe at 99 Cents for the app and a 200 dollars for the iPod or iPhone this has possibilities. So I am going to change the project and drop the glass in favor of this new voice activated technology. It does bother me that there will be some people who cannot participate because of speech, but am working on a cable release solution for that. So I will refine the initial proposal and present it to some folks and see if there is funding availavailable. Basically I am looking at getting: 10 iphones, 10 VCamera Apps, 10 stands or holders for the phones,  and atleast 5 cable realeses. I wonder if Apple would loan us the technology? Any ideas? I really want this project to go through for the people at West Kentucky Easter Seals. Photography should be for everyone, wouldn't you agree?! 

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